I'm from a boat club, so how can I help?

RAR is looking for boat clubs to take their pledge (follow #rowerspledge on social media). This can be as easy as making three simple adjustments and will set your club on the path to being more sustainable. Please see the bottom of this page for the full steps of the pledge. RAR is here to offer you practical support on how to achieve your goals. We will be adding the names of participating boat clubs to the website, very soon. We would be delighted for your club or crew to be part of this.

I don't row, so how can I help?

We would love to help connect you with your local RAR initiative, if there is one in your area. You do not need to be a rower to become involved! We are also always looking for new core team members to offer support to the central RAR organisation. We are fully non-profit and rely on sponsorship and the support of our members. We welcome anyone who feels they can support us with practical skills - be that photography, publicity and marketing knowledge, networking contacts, funding ideas, or anything else.

What are the steps of the pledge?


  1.   Only use reusable water bottles at training and events
  2.   Minimise the use of other single-use plastic products, wherever possible, at your boat club
  3.   Commit to spreading the word, both in terms of the steps you are taking as a club and of the pledge itself to club members, supporters and beyond (using social media channels and influence in your local community)


All of the Bronze steps and:

  1.   Assign a nominated Environmental Officer as a committee member (or equivalent), within your boat club
  2.   Demonstrate an enforced ban on any avoidable single-use plastic at your club
  3.   Ensure that all recyclable items at your club are processed appropriately
  4.   Take active steps that demonstrate how you have considered and attempted to reduce your club’s carbon footprint
  5.   Host at least one annual environmental event at your club that educates, raises awareness, or inspires action on environmental issues (for example, community litter picking, screening an appropriate film, or hosting a public talk)


All of the Bronze and Silver steps and:

  1.   Demonstrate that you have taken all reasonable steps to become ‘zero waste’
  2.   Demonstrate that you have taken all reasonable steps to achieve a carbon neutral status
  3.   Hold multiple annual events, making your club a hub to inspire environmental action within your community
  4.   Offer support to other local sports clubs, helping them take steps to reduce their environmental impact

If your club is taking the steps required to be awarded any of the above, please get in touch using our email or on Twitter. We will then send out what you need to promote your award and offer further support towards maintaining your status or working towards achieving the next.

If you have any questions or just want to say hello to the team, please do get in touch! Thank you.