Rowers Against Rubbish (RAR) was formed in 2018. The concept for RAR came from Victoria, a spectator of rowing who was alarmed by the amount of rubbish left in and along the Thames, after the annual Boat Race. She began to think of ideas for river clean-ups and how to prevent it from happening at future rowing events. Through networking, she met Dan Tipney (a former junior GB rower, who rowed for Marlow Rowing Club) and Ben Wilde (who rowed as a teenager and now works in sustainability). Dan and Ben were passionate about Victoria's idea and became RAR's co-founders. Together, the three added more members and set goals. The RAR movement seeks to inspire environmental protection action, uniting the rowing and sports communities, and those who enjoy accessing river areas. We believe that the power of boat clubs extends beyond their brilliant athletic achievements, and we would like to harness this. Our vision is that boat clubs can be a positive force for environmental change in their communities, leading from the front. RAR aims to offer practical support, to enable them to lead this change. Though we focus on rowers and boat clubs, RAR has always been open to non-rowing members and supporters. Many of our core members don't row, but do live in river towns and communities. And whilst we began by focusing on the River Thames, in the UK, our network is now expanding both regionally and internationally. Everyone is welcome!